My Introduction – why my name?

First things first.  For those who don’t know me well my full name is Sumner Ira Grossman but I was named after my maternal grandfather who went by and signed with his middle name S. Isadore Schwartz so I sign my name S. Ira Grossman.

You can see my background in my LinkedIn  profile.  After five years at a part-time blog writer at Partner Engineering and Science Inc. during which the company tripled its full time staff, they decided they need a full time experienced one, a decision that I heartily endorsed.

If you google “s. ira grossman globe street\” and “s. ira grossman cre-expert” you’ll be able to see all my blogs.  I plan to repost a few here with the appropriate attribution that i think are special.

Commercial real estate and technology have become joined at the hip.   New technologies are being developed to to run real estate and new technologies are disrupting the face of real estate.  These will be the focus of this blog, but I reserve the right to comment on one or the other individually. Writing this blog will also allow me to take an iconoclast viewpoint, something I couldn’t do as a corporate writer

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By the way there is a website with a non-descript URL with “The Commercial Real Estate and Technology Blog” as the heading on the home page so I’ll have a hard time getting high on the Google search.